Monday, 1 October 2012

These hands weren't made for doing dishes....

My dishwasher has just died on me.  In the words of Monty Python it is a dead dishwasher, it has ceased to be, it has curled up it's washing capabilities and turned it's knobs skyward.

I loved my dishwasher, it was sleek, silver and positively sexy, but now it is a useless piece of aluminum wasting space in my kitchen.  Unless I want to switch it on and listen to it churm round for five hours to do a wash and then have to rinse everything off and dry it myself that is.  The engineer has looked at it, and can't find a cause, but did say for him to start trying to repair parts I'd have to pay even if they didn't fix it and it would probably work out cheaper to buy a new one.  So I'm on the hunt for a new dishwasher and contending with WASHING UP, all at the same time.  It is too much for me to bear. 

I've got quite attached to loading my dishwasher, and then unloading it again.  My sink is small and useless, I have to angle plates into it at a particular angle and then jiggle them around to get them submerged in the water.  The sink was not one of my greatest ideas in life, I have to admit... far more style over function, but hey I had a dishwasher, what did I care that it wouldn't fit a large saucepan.  Now I find that every night, instead of spending ten minutes loading, I'm spending twenty minutes cursing and moaning, hunting out tea towels... again most of which are useless at drying as again style won over function.  Tea towels in my house were for drying your hands and looking pretty hung over the oven door.

My dishwasher on the other hand was lovingly researched before purchase.  I checked out lots of different websites, review sites, blogs and wandered round showrooms before deciding on a fantastic Zanussi dishwasher and it has been a loyal servant until now.  So I hate to criticise it or blame it for saying enough is enough, but it has left me rather in the lurch, and now the hunt begins for another.  It needs a quick wash function - I'm impatient; it needs to be large enough for a family who eat home cooked meals, not pre packed microwave food and it needs to look right (can't forget the style even when I'm looking for function).  If anyone has any ideas, give me a nudge, I'm easy to find now I'm tied to the kitchen sink or alternatively I'll be at the supermarket buying pre-packed microwave food to save on washing up and paper plates.