Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kids Capture the Colour

M was delighted to see a competition from Travel Supermarket for children to take photos over the summer focused on individual colours. She is such an avid photographer that she had to have a go.  We didn't get in quick enough to get a camera to take the photos with, so she used her little old Fuji film camera, but Travel Supermarket said that she could still enter the competition.  So below you will find M's attempts at capturing colour over the summer holidays.  M is 13 and has just started studying photography at school, so this was a great way to get her to focus on a task rather than just snapping away.
This is our friends little girl R, transfixed by a bright blue balloon
Our family dog, Maggie, it's not often you see her white as she loves mud.

    A peacock at Dartmoor Wildlife Park.  An amazing display of colour.

    M loves flowers and would have made the whole study one of flowers so she has chosen this yellow rose as her favourite.  As she says the arrival of flowers in the garden mean that summer is here!                                      
M's favourite shot of the whole set because it was her most fun part of the summer holidays.  We were lucky enough to stand on stage for Billy Bragg's set at Camp Bestival this year and she loved every minute of it.