Sunday, 11 May 2014

Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge 2

For their second challenge, Plum #mightymoments in association with Tots100 want you to document a day out (or in) with your little one.

I don't tend to put up a lot of photos of my littlest on my blog.  Other than my huge header picture that is... however, proving I will do anything for a competition I've given my blog over to little M for the time being.

M's big day out..

To start my big day, I had to wait around for mum and dad to get ready.  They take ages, so I went into the garden and climbed a few mountains to get fit for the day ahead.

Then I decided to take a turn digging to Australia, (please don't notice that I ripped my skirt and mum had to change me again before we could actually get out the door).  I was having fun!

Finally we went off for my big #mightymoment.  I got to ride a horse.  All my family have their own horses so today was my go to have a ride and see if I liked it!  I loved it, and cried quite a lot when I had to get off.  The pony I rode was called Sugarplum.

I still wasn't tired even after all that horse riding, so Mum and Dad let me play on the trampoline at the stables for a bit, while they did something called mucking out!  I will find out about this one day I'm sure... it all sounds very smelly to me.

By the time we got home it was time for bed.   I thought after my exciting day, that I was very grown up and could get changed into my pyjamas myself.  I didn't agree with mum when she said I'd got it all wrong so had a tantrum and refused to go to bed or get changed again.  I also didn't want her to take my photo.  I was very tired and I liked the pink pants.

So there you have it, M's big day out, lots of playing and a truly #mightymoment as it was her first time on a pony.

Monday, 5 May 2014 recommends....

I found this rather nifty website browsing the web the other day: 

As they say about themselves.. "MyBeautyCompare is the perfect and easiest way to search and compare beauty products online to suit your personal beauty profile. Are we not all tired of wasting time and money on beauty products that don't work for us? Take the two minute survey at MyBeautyCompare and discover the right products and prices for you and only you! It is the first personalised beauty product recommendation tool."  I have to agree with them. 

It was really quick, it was really easy and the recommendations do seem to fit with my skin type and needs.


I have to admit that my first thought was "Wow", not in the choices of what was recommended but in that they didn't instantly bombard me with a list of products that were the most expensive.  As evidenced in the screen shot of the cleansers they would recommend they really do go from low priced to sensibly expensive.  (It's what I tell my husband something cost when it's more than he'd happily pay but about what I think is really not a bad price at all.)  The links take you to shops online where you can buy the product, or as in my case as it recommended Boots, I just nipped down to town to give it a try.

I've got sensitive skin, so I wasn't surprised to see Simple on the list, but I've never tried it.  I normally stick to Liz Earle or Clinique but thought that for this test that wasn't really fair to grab something I already had in my cupboard.  I was pleasantly surprised I have to admit.  I'm not one for applying cleanser by cotton wool, preferring to slather it onto wet skin and wash it off normally so this was a new experience for me.  That said the cleanser was a nice thick consistency so didn't fall off the cotton wool ball immediately or run down my face and I did feel like I'd given my face a proper clean.

Like everything Simple, there is no smell, so I can't remark on that, other than to say that for me this is probably a good thing. 

I've had no reaction to the product at all, and I can come out in hives with baby lotion and other hypoallergenic products so this is another plus.  My skin feels nice and soft and it hasn't dried it out in the slightest.  So for me a success... I'll keep using it for a few more days, and see how I fare... but I will definitely use the site again.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge 1

Anyone with a toddler will appreciate that snacks are a necessity.  Toddlers also don't have  a lot any patience when they want a snack. So providing nutritious snacks quickly is important.  I've tried everything for speed, from handing M half a cucumber to gnaw on, to cheese chunks and boxes of raisons but prefer to use fresh fruit and vegetables for her snacks rather than topping her up with processed or sugary snacks.  I was, therefore, excited to see the Plum Mighty Moments challenge on Tots100.  This week they want you to look at the  Mighty 4 range of products, and use them as inspiration for your own healthy toddler snacking idea. 

Plums, Mighty 4 snacks are based on fruit, vegetables, grains and Greek-style yogurt. 

This is something that I loved the idea of, healthy snacks!

So I present for this weeks challenge, M's new favourite speedy snack:  Apple aliens & stars, in a sea of Satsuma moons around a planet made of Greek yoghurt.

I find if food is fun M eats it so much easier.  She loves that she can dip the fruit into the  yoghurt (ok, smear the yoghurt all over the plate and then get her fingers messy).  It's not a major cookery masterclass, I don't profess to be Mary Berry, but a couple of cookie cutters and some slices of apple and voila, one snack guaranteed to be eaten and it doesn't take any longer than peeling an apple and Satsuma so can be made up in a hurry when only some quick food will do. 
If you have an idea why not head over to Tots 100 and have a go at the challenges yourself.  They take place every week for the next few weeks, so there is still time to get involved.

Friday, 2 May 2014

If I won the Jackpot

Anyone who reads my blog will know I'm a bit of a comper.  When I'm not working, running around after the kids or the horse, then I'm tapping away at my computer mainly doing competitions.  I prefer those where you need to put in a bit of an effort, but occasionally I love to just sit and play a couple of online games.  My favourite game of the moment is Piggy Payout on  It's basically an online slot machine game, which requires little or no effort but is strangely addictive.  I admit it, I do love nipping down to the sea front and playing on the 2p machines and although this costs a little more, it's almost as good as the real thing.

Some of the jackpots are great and I can sit there watching the wheels spin dreaming about how I'd spend the money... and believe me I've spent it more than a few times.

First up I'd love to be able to afford to insure my son in his car.  19 years old and car insurance that is more than the cost of his car.

Secondly, I'd give it all to my friend.  Her son is trying to make it in competitive Ice Dance.  He and his partner are currently the 3rd ranked couple in the UK and as they are 3rd they get no funding at all.  NOT one penny comes their way other than what they can earn or raise in the way of sponsorship.  Sponsorship in today's climate isn't exactly forthcoming and if they are to continue much longer then they need help... winning a jackpot would make a difference to me, but would make far more of a difference to them.  So I'd be good and change two lives for the better forever, rather than my life for a couple of months.  When they become the next Torville & Dean I can be paid back in kudos and gloat that I saw them first.  Now that really is competing in the extreme as they should be representing us at the next Olympics...

This is my entry for the 888Ladies Bingo Competition