Sunday, 11 May 2014

Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge 2

For their second challenge, Plum #mightymoments in association with Tots100 want you to document a day out (or in) with your little one.

I don't tend to put up a lot of photos of my littlest on my blog.  Other than my huge header picture that is... however, proving I will do anything for a competition I've given my blog over to little M for the time being.

M's big day out..

To start my big day, I had to wait around for mum and dad to get ready.  They take ages, so I went into the garden and climbed a few mountains to get fit for the day ahead.

Then I decided to take a turn digging to Australia, (please don't notice that I ripped my skirt and mum had to change me again before we could actually get out the door).  I was having fun!

Finally we went off for my big #mightymoment.  I got to ride a horse.  All my family have their own horses so today was my go to have a ride and see if I liked it!  I loved it, and cried quite a lot when I had to get off.  The pony I rode was called Sugarplum.

I still wasn't tired even after all that horse riding, so Mum and Dad let me play on the trampoline at the stables for a bit, while they did something called mucking out!  I will find out about this one day I'm sure... it all sounds very smelly to me.

By the time we got home it was time for bed.   I thought after my exciting day, that I was very grown up and could get changed into my pyjamas myself.  I didn't agree with mum when she said I'd got it all wrong so had a tantrum and refused to go to bed or get changed again.  I also didn't want her to take my photo.  I was very tired and I liked the pink pants.

So there you have it, M's big day out, lots of playing and a truly #mightymoment as it was her first time on a pony.

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