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Why you've clicked on this page, I will never know, but as you did I suppose I ought to let the page live up to it's name and tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a forty something, mum who is lucky enough to live in a small village in Devon most days and escape with great regularity up to London or Birmingham so I don't feel too caught up in missing big cities all that much.

I have a horse, a puppy dog and a job that keep me busy in the week.

At weekends I indulge my inner geek and sci fi nerd by working my ass off at signing shows around the country.  It's meant that I am the worst person in the world to watch any tv show or film with as you can bet I've met at least one of the cast.  My kids think I'm cool, which is good.  I've been lucky enough to spend time with everyone from Buzz Aldrin to Mike Tyson, from Joan Collins to RPatz.

I feel blessed to have my life.  I'm busy enjoying it and can safely say that I have no regrets (so far).  I have wonderful friends.

My biggest achievements are my lovely children, who are growing up so fast it scares me.

I am first and foremost a geek, with a love of film and tv.  I also read (too much according to my husband) anything and everything.  My hero has always been Christopher Lambert and my proudest moment has to have been him remembering my name!

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