Tuesday, 16 December 2014

M's Dream Bed

I think a bed is probably the most important purchase you can make.  You spend approximately a third of each day in your bed (or more if you are my teenage son!), yet people shop around for a cheap bed and pride themselves on their cheap but serviceable mattress and then complain when they get a bad back.  I have a simple rule for any purchase I make, how much will it cost me in the long run... so a £365 bed would cost me £1 a night, if I only used it for a year - a bargain, but a decent bed will last 7 years so that's actually only 14p a night.  My friends laughed when I said my bed cost just over £1000 but that's the princely sum of 40p a night.  I spend more on coffee!

So I've been hunting around for a new bed for M.  I may be willing to spend money on a good bed and mattress, but I still want it to be good value, and on my hunt I found Time4Sleep and to my delight they had this great competition running on their website about children's dream beds.

So here we have in her own words M's ode to a dream bed.

For a fairy tale bed that is right for me,
you must first remember the tale of the Princess and the Pea
I want a mattress that's comfy and deep
A bed is after all mainly for sleep.

An alarm to warn me of monsters under the bed
I'd hate them to eat me or my ted
Space at the bottom for my dog to laze
perhaps a compartment for food to graze

A shelf for all the books I read
as each night for ten more minutes I plead
And storage for all my precious treasures
and a snooze button to make the most of life's best pleasure

A charging station for my phone is a must
Without full charge my life is a bust
don't forget I'm growing up now
So even with all this I'll still wake up a stroppy cow.

Time4Sleep have several adult designs on their website for dream beds and it seems that M has chosen an amalgamation of all three in her wishes.  Who says children these days don't know what they want?

My favourite of all of these would have to be the young couples bed.  http://youtu.be/UC3X7yCQ5G8 .  I may no longer be young, but this still has everything I'd want.  If you want to see the other beds, they can be found on their blog here

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