Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Light Bulbles

Those lovely people over at lightbulbsdirect.com are once again holding their annual upcycle a lightbulb into a Christmas bauble competition.  I was invited to enter this last year and was really ill, so missed my chance but have been  hoarding lightbulbs all year ready to go for it again this time round.

So here are my ideas.  Actually that's a lie, most of them were the kids ideas, but they are far more crafty than me.

I seem to now have a Christmas tree full of light and light baubles.

It was great fun, watching the kids play with glue, cotton wool, felt and sticky plastic.  I spent £2 in the craft shop for some felt pieces and googly eyes, everything else was sourced from around the home and they did everything themselves except thread the ties on the light bulbs & I now have some lovely new additions to the Christmas tree ( and if you look closely, you will see the marbled ones with snowflakes that I intended to enter last year, still being used).
If you want to have a go, you will find all the details here

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