Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Out With The Old… In With The New!

My daughter has a lovely bedroom, decorated in fresh duck egg blue paint, which is obscured by her many teen loves who gaze adoringly at her from a multitude of posters, prints and drawings all over the walls.  She loves spending time in her tiny haven but there is one problem.  She is 5ft 6" and growing... her bed is a high sleeper.

It's a wonderful piece of furniture that we scrimped and saved for intending it to last her for years... and it has until now.  I never gave a thought to this bit of forward planning when we bought the bed.  We thought about school work - hence it has a desk.  We thought about storage - hence it has shelves, and we thought about sleepovers so it has a pull out chair bed. In fact it is perfect in every way, except one!  Now she has to wiggle like a snake to get onto the actual bed and has to remember when she wakes up not to sit up!  A lesson she has learnt the hard way with many many bumps to the head.  She has now taken to sleeping on the pull out, a pull out meant for occasional use, whilst her lovely tempur mattress lies unused and useless five feet above her. 

This photo was taken in the middle of the day with the light on... another problem with this bed is that it drains all the light out of the room.

I'd love to be able to change it for her; something like this would be ideal.
Barcelona Sleep Station Cabin Bed (RHF Ladder)

It solves the desk problem, it solves the storage problem and it solves the major, will she hit her head when she wakes up? problem.   I can always buy another chair bed to go alongside for sleep overs.
If you like this as much as me you can find it here at Furniture Choice. 
Hopefully, Furniture Choice will decide that M deserves to get the chance to kick out the old and get in with a new bed.

If you have a piece of furniture that really needs changing then let them know via your blog and enter the competition here - just in the nicest possible way, don't make your entry better than mine!


When is a Garden shed not a Garden shed?

Like many we had a rather wet start to 2014.  One of the last casualties still remaining and untouched is my garden.  I'm having trouble motivating myself to go out there and tackle the damage left by it becoming my own private boating lake for a few weeks.  I'm embarrassed to admit that this is my shed...
I'm quite convinced that it is only still standing upright because of the things inside it, holding it up.  I had a lovely garden, trampoline, wendy house, decking, deck chairs, fire pit and everything stored neatly in my lovely shed and then Noah didn't warn us what was about to happen.  I shouldn't moan, I know an awful lot of people are far worse of than us... so we've lost a shed and a wendy house...
Other's lost the inside of their homes.  We were the lucky ones. 

However, with the advent of the dry weather and thoughts turning to relaxing in my garden again, the time has come to demolish the sheds and start again with a clean slate and I've had so much fun imaging just what can go in their place.

There are so many options available now, but my dream shed would be a bolthole from the kids, the TV and my other half.  Who says only men want to escape into their potting sheds. 

My dream...
Lovely wide opening doors, fresh painted colours and space for well.... me!  A cosy area to tap away at my blog, write that book that I'm sure is nestled away inside of me and generally relax.  I already have the space, and the futon chosen, and the desk and the chair... I just need the shed! 
Garden tools and detritus from the old shed can languish in the garage, this time I want space to play and relax.
Although in my travels on the internet and in dream world, I also found these.. If you are slightly more adventurous than me and my modest wants these are for you.
Buy Farmer's Cottage Rotating Sphere Lounger Online at
I absolutely love the sphere which rotates to move with the sun and shade, but suspect that I might have a fight on my hands to keep that just for me. 
I have a plan to make the outside of my shed look completely uninteresting and even thought about putting a fake front with tools and such like on display with a hidden button to make it slide and reveal my space.  Although I suspect that is outside of my capabilities.
The uses for a garden shed now are endless.  I've seen bars, clubhouses, extra sleeping space for guests, hideaways, saunas, gyms and some people even use them for keeping tools and gardening equipment in.
How would you use yours?
If I'm lucky my new shed will look like this... large enough for me and small enough to dissuade the rest of my clan from wanting to take it over.  With windows for light and two doors just waiting for me to fill with my goodies.  Perhaps I could even had a wine cooler in there?
You can find this shed at   and if like me you have ideas of how you can use it (or any other shed) you might like to enter their competition to win the shed.  Just like I have with this post. 
Beast Sheds