Friday, 2 May 2014

If I won the Jackpot

Anyone who reads my blog will know I'm a bit of a comper.  When I'm not working, running around after the kids or the horse, then I'm tapping away at my computer mainly doing competitions.  I prefer those where you need to put in a bit of an effort, but occasionally I love to just sit and play a couple of online games.  My favourite game of the moment is Piggy Payout on  It's basically an online slot machine game, which requires little or no effort but is strangely addictive.  I admit it, I do love nipping down to the sea front and playing on the 2p machines and although this costs a little more, it's almost as good as the real thing.

Some of the jackpots are great and I can sit there watching the wheels spin dreaming about how I'd spend the money... and believe me I've spent it more than a few times.

First up I'd love to be able to afford to insure my son in his car.  19 years old and car insurance that is more than the cost of his car.

Secondly, I'd give it all to my friend.  Her son is trying to make it in competitive Ice Dance.  He and his partner are currently the 3rd ranked couple in the UK and as they are 3rd they get no funding at all.  NOT one penny comes their way other than what they can earn or raise in the way of sponsorship.  Sponsorship in today's climate isn't exactly forthcoming and if they are to continue much longer then they need help... winning a jackpot would make a difference to me, but would make far more of a difference to them.  So I'd be good and change two lives for the better forever, rather than my life for a couple of months.  When they become the next Torville & Dean I can be paid back in kudos and gloat that I saw them first.  Now that really is competing in the extreme as they should be representing us at the next Olympics...

This is my entry for the 888Ladies Bingo Competition

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