Sunday, 4 May 2014

Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge 1

Anyone with a toddler will appreciate that snacks are a necessity.  Toddlers also don't have  a lot any patience when they want a snack. So providing nutritious snacks quickly is important.  I've tried everything for speed, from handing M half a cucumber to gnaw on, to cheese chunks and boxes of raisons but prefer to use fresh fruit and vegetables for her snacks rather than topping her up with processed or sugary snacks.  I was, therefore, excited to see the Plum Mighty Moments challenge on Tots100.  This week they want you to look at the  Mighty 4 range of products, and use them as inspiration for your own healthy toddler snacking idea. 

Plums, Mighty 4 snacks are based on fruit, vegetables, grains and Greek-style yogurt. 

This is something that I loved the idea of, healthy snacks!

So I present for this weeks challenge, M's new favourite speedy snack:  Apple aliens & stars, in a sea of Satsuma moons around a planet made of Greek yoghurt.

I find if food is fun M eats it so much easier.  She loves that she can dip the fruit into the  yoghurt (ok, smear the yoghurt all over the plate and then get her fingers messy).  It's not a major cookery masterclass, I don't profess to be Mary Berry, but a couple of cookie cutters and some slices of apple and voila, one snack guaranteed to be eaten and it doesn't take any longer than peeling an apple and Satsuma so can be made up in a hurry when only some quick food will do. 
If you have an idea why not head over to Tots 100 and have a go at the challenges yourself.  They take place every week for the next few weeks, so there is still time to get involved.

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