Friday, 22 February 2013

Pancake Challenge

I love pancakes, my children love pancakes so I look forward to pancake day each year and often set about my design for my pancake days even weeks in advance.  This year I thought I'd try something different and go for a 3D pancake as opposed to my normal decorating a flat pancake. 

His name was Polar the pancake bear and he was very very tasty.  I also made Grizzly the pancake bear out of chocolate ice cream and white chocolate buttons but he was eaten before I could take a photo!

He's actually very simple to make.  His belly is actually made up of ice cream and strawberries, covered in two pancakes.  Head is a scoop of ice cream, with a banana nose and banana ears.  The chocolate drops on his nose and ears are just plain blobs (technical term) of nutella and  his eyes are made from nutella too.  His paw was shaped with a tea spoon and again blobs of nutella made the paw prints.  The Sweet Dreams was written on using strawberry squeezy ice cream sauce. 

Incredibly simple and delicious. 

Now to start thinking up next years creation....

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