Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Egg Mains in Minutes... Eggy Bears picnic...

This is so simple to make but kids (well my fussy ones and their friends) all love it.

Simply make a plain omlette, I use two eggs, a dash of milk and nothing else in a frying pan.

Egg Fried Rice or plain boiled rice make the head, ears and paws.  Keep it sticky so it can be shaped.  Then cheese is cut out for the ear and nose.  Blob's (that's the technical term) of brown sauce make the eyes and paws and nose. 

The trick is in the tummy, where you can hide whatever filling you want.  This one is stuffed with baked beans and cheese chunks, but I've used a fried half tomato, a large mushroom - anything that can make a lump can go in the middle. 

This takes literally ten minutes to make, can use anything  you fancy and is healthy and nutrious - and did I mention kids love it.  Although I will admit the first time I made it, my daughter didn't want to eat him but keep him.

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