Friday, 19 July 2013

Appliances Online Superheroes

Those lovely people at Appliances Online have got their happy faces on again and are running a best superhero competition for bloggers.   The prize up for grabs is the chance to take home this gorgeous Samsung Fridge Freezer to use and review... now that's my kind of prize...  it's just such a shame that my superheroes aren't really all that super or heroes.

I have Captain A... he doesn't even merit any further description and I couldn't take any more photos of him as I was laughing too much.

The Hulk.. who refused to rip her sweatshirt, or have green body paint applied so really wasn't getting into the spirit of this competition at all.
and the Iron Lady... actually I think it's more wavy hand lady, she's so wimpy I can't even see her managing to put up an ironing board, let alone get through a weeks worth of shirts!

Hey ho, they may not be super or heroes in the eyes of the rest of the world, but they are mine and I love them dearly, just not for reasons that are easily apparent.  If like me they've made you smile, then they've done their job well here today as the purpose of the post was to bring happiness and a smile.   I know I'd be smiling if Appliances Online like them and let us review the fridge/freezer.

You can see more of their range of Samsung fridges and freezers here


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