Sunday, 16 September 2012

#kodakavengers linky

Never one to shy away from making my children look silly, I couldn't help but be excited when I stumbled upon this linky from Britmums

Britmums blog is here...

I had to have a go at downloading the masks from here, especially as I have a Kodak printer myself which saves money in printing cost and thought it would be fun, getting the kids to showcase their acting talents in a variety of superhero poses.  Thankfully the world doesn't rely on these kids to save it otherwise we really would be doomed.

Not quite Iron Man, more like wavy hand woman, but she tried...

She refused to rip her shirt open, which was probably a good idea on her part... but not really getting in the spirit of things...

I think the less said about his shield the better and I'm not even getting into the stupid grin, cus the mask was tickling his face.  He's nearly a grown up - does he not realise the seriousness of this photo session?
I couldn't take any more photos after this
1) it wasn't fair on the neighbours all the laughing and giggles at night outside in the garden
2) It wasn't fair on my sides which were aching as I laughed at their attempts to be all super hero y.
Thank you BritMums for this: you gave me a really fun evening's entertainment while I tried to make my entry for the #kodakavengers Linky Challenge. It may not win, but I loved the fun of doing this one.


  1. TBH Wavy Hand Woman is a MUCH better super hero than Iron Man.

  2. LOVING the creativity of that shield!

  3. lol at you lot...looks like a fun time was had