Monday, 17 September 2012

Maggie one year on....

Maggie the puppy is no longer a puppy.  On saturday she had her first birthday and she celebrated in style with three circuits of the park and a play date with her sister Trixi.

It's hard to remember not having her in the house any more.  I've forgotten what it was like to be able to find my shoes, without looking in all her hiding places.  I've forgotten what it was like to wake up to my alarm clock in the morning, rather than wet soggy kisses and a paw in my face.  I've even forgotten what it was like to think "ooh it's raining perhaps I won't go out this evening to the park". 
Maggie was bought for Madz, after much cajoling and begging we relented to her incessant demands for a dog.  All thoughts of getting a nice older dog from a rescue centre had to be shelved due to T's ashtma, so a puppy of a limited type of breed was the order of the day.  Shih-Tzu's we'd had before, our last dog, Dougal, lived until he was nearly into his 20s and was a wonderful companion and friend, so a shih-tzu it was.
Madz was going to train her, walk her every day, feed her, groom her and play with her.  Well so far we've achieved one of out 5 -playing with her, incase you hadn't guessed.  So all credit to her for effort. Actually that is a small lie, I have to give her credit for teaching her to sit and beg... recall and walking to heel weren't deemed important enough to be taught by Madz
I know I know... kids will say anything and promise anything when they want something.  The cold hard reality is always different and we knew it going in, although we hoped. 
Now we wouldn't be without her.  So what if I (or Mr W) have to walk her, the excercise is certainly good for us.  She's small enough that not walking to heel is a blessing as I trip over her tiny body if she's too close.  I find it quite theraputic to sit there at night brushing her hair and feeding her is a breeze as we refuse to use wet dog food so her science diet stuff is always in the bowl ready.
I think she's been good for Madz.  She was getting bullied a bit at school and this has given her a best friend and confidente.  Someone who loves her, just because she's her person.   The joy on her face when the kids return from school, gives me a warm feeling every day and rather selfishly the fact that she includes me in her raptures even though I've only been gone ten minutes to pick them up, is rather nice.
I love her company whilst the children are at school.  Her bed is next to my feet under the computer desk and I can hear her gently snoring as she dreams away the day until her mate gets home.
   Maggie and Trixi on the beach... sandy cars are nothing new, after all I've got children.

She's stopped me getting broody for another child, as I have a whole new baby to play with and she is genuinely the most loving soppy excuse for a dog that you will ever meet. My only problem now is that Madz and I quite like the idea of her having puppys.  Not for profit or anything like that, I know so many asthmatic children that would love a dog, who's parents whilst being able to afford to care for one, couldn't manage the £400 + to buy one of this breed, that I thought it might be nice to place some puppys in their hands... I just have to persuade Mr W that it's a good idea... sleepless nights and newborns anyone?!

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