Sunday, 31 March 2013

Anthropologie My Thai Style

 Thailand, one of those countries that I've always wanted to visit but never got the chance.  My husband was lucky enough 12 years ago to get to spend two weeks there as part of a work conference.  My little girl was only three weeks old at the time, so I won staying behind at home and enduring sleepless nights alone, while he enjoyed sun, sand and beautiful beaches.

I'm not a great one for lazing on beaches, (that's what I tell myself anyway) and prefer to explore so packing for me is more practical rather than beach wear.  Something that I can pull on in the morning,that will look good all day without me having to run back to the hotel for numerous changes of clothes.  Something that I can wear wherever the urge or the local bus takes me.  I saw these trousers and thought wow! cool, classy and easy to wear.  Smart enough to take me throughout the day, whether that's walking in the surf, trailing to a monument, trekking through a forest to see elephants or just relaxing at a bar.

I love the white top they have teamed it with, which is cool enough for the hottest of hot Thai days, and will hopefully allow me to get a bit of colour on my arms whilst I walk around. 

If it got too hot, I'd have packed a trusty scarf, like this one...

Which I could throw over my shoulders if necessary.

I'd never be caught out in the sun with these lovely matching sunglasses or classic hat with a twist.

It was a real struggle to pick just one outfit from the catalogue but I felt that for my style to be Thai style; this one is just so me.  I can see this getting lots of wear and also wearing  well.  If you`d like to see more of these lovely clothes then visit  you wont regret

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