Friday, 29 March 2013

Worst Window View

Oh where do I start with the view from my window. 

I live in what was once a quaint little village, nestled on the edge of the vast wilderness that is Dartmoor, in Devon.  Picture in your mind, chocolate box cottages, windy roads and lanes, horses clip clopping along the streets and the odd primrose and daffodil sneaking out of the hedgerows.

  Well that was then and this is now... my quaint little village has become a commuter village... my lovely little town now has a road going round the outside to try to protect it from traffic and development.  My once lovely view of undulating hills and an old paper mill is now distinctly different from that picture postcard idyll.

 This is the view I used to have...
This is my pretty ex-stable now house.
and this is the view from the top three windows....


I just couldn't believe my luck when my view of a church, stream and pretty trees, became obscured by a indian restaurant/supermarket car park, which was then joined by the delights of a Tesco express and their car park.    I think you have to agree I do have the worst window view.  The skip is a just a wonderful addition to the overall vista.  That's only temporary obviously; temporary since last October, when a milk delivery lorry knocked down the wall.  I don't think waiting 6 months for the listed wall to be repaired whilst everyone takes advantage of the free dumping ground is too bad, all things considered.

This blog post is in answer to a call from Wooden Blinds Direct to showcase the worst view from a window as part of a competition.  If I don't win, then I truly feel sorry for whoever beats me!


  1. thats the drawback of buyng places with a nice view is people doing this, must make your house difficult to sell.

  2. It will probably have a huge effect when we come to sell, but I love it here so doubt it will be for a long long time.