Monday, 16 December 2013

Blogger Challenge: Style Your Man’s Christmas Outfit

Blogger Challenge: Style Your Man’s Christmas Outfit

As I look at the pin board above I can only dream and hope that I can inspire some sense of pride in dress on my fashion disaster of a son.   My daughter is the teenage equivalent of Anna Wintour and spends hours deciding on what goes with what and carefully buying clothes and then I have Tom.  A clothes horse as far as shape and size goes, but more of a donkey when it comes to putting the look together. 

For Christmas I said I was going to buy him clothes and asked for his input; my major fear was that he would say "Shell suit"  and it was close.  His hearts desire is a new tracksuit!!!!  Before you think "oh he's a fitness nut", you couldn't be farther from the truth.  His idea of fitness is running for the bus to get to college, where he is a musician.  The only exercise he gets is carrying amps and playing guitar.

I've put together the look to showcase the idea that comfy doesn't need to mean slovenly and that looking smart can still be casual.   The Armani Jeans are fantastic and grey so he won't automatically think urghh denim jeans and fittingly are called Comfort Jeans.  Teamed with the gorgeous black Hugo Boss jumper, he could be warm and stylish without looking like granddad.   I've added a Superdry coat, for the British weather, which I know he would wear as it is de rigueur for all the boys on his college course.  The Superdry bag, looks stylish for carrying stuff to college and the Toy watch would hopefully mean that he'd not miss the bus home quite so often because he forgot the time. 

I'm a little bit in love with the Vans trainers.  I doubt that I will ever see him in a pair of shoes but they are a million miles away from his scruffy trainers.  The obligatory boxer shorts, have to be Calvin Klein so that they can poke above his jeans, in homage to his favourite film.  The little box of socks from Hackett are already sitting under our Christmas tree and are a must for anyone who finds it a nightmare to pair up socks that they have rescued from the sock monster who lives under the bed.

Now to go off and write his letter to Santa, fingers crossed he's not on the naughty list. xx

All the clothes above were sourced from Mainsline Menswear, who happen to be running a great bloggers comp to showcase gifts we'd like to give the men in our families and how we'd like to see them dressed for Christmas.  If I've been good perhaps they will let me win this??? 

You can find more details here...

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