Monday, 22 April 2013

An ode to a bathroom

My bathroom is a little bit jaded,
and the colour scheme is really faded
Not alot goes with putrid pink
and I'm really struggling with a half size sink!
The builder squeezed a bidet in the space
he must have thought that they were ace!

Me, I'd rather have a shower
with lots and lots and lots of power
instead I've got a half assed drip
that would cause the hulk his shirt to rip
A leaking bath and a wobbly shower curtain
it's not a show room thats for certain
I'd really love something sparkly and white
that always looked clean and bright
would be really rather neat.
I'd have the bathroom of my dreams
instead of one that just provokes screams
I don't want gold taps, a jacuzzi bath or steam room
I just want somewhere that isn't all gloom
somewhere peaceful and quiet and mine
a sanctuary away from grime.
Somewhere I can shut the door and just be me
and ignore the shouts of "whats for tea!"
Perhaps Tots100 will hear my pleading
you can see where this is leading
Bathstop321 please help me out
to get a bathroom with lovely clean grout
A haven, a sanctum, a place of my own
I'd kill for a bathroom that's a horror free zone!

Alpha L Shape Shower Bath Bathroom Suite

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