Monday, 29 April 2013

Oh they grow up too fast!

My daughter is growing up. The time has come for her to say goodbye to the fairy and unicorn mural that has adorned her room for years, to give up the fairy lights strung over her bed of twinkly little flowers and to say goodbye to the toybox full of teddy bears and dolls.... or so she says. Me, I'm loathe for her to leave that last remnant of being a little girl and accept that now she has just reached double figures she needs a more grown up bedroom. The pestering started after christmas that she no longer wanted a bunk bed, or childish wall designs.  That although she still liked pink or purple she wanted a more grown up hue to the colour not the candy pink of babydom.

She's been scanning the internet for inspiration, looking at paint brochures and designing her new room with a vengeance this week though when I mentioned that Little Greene paints were running a competition to win the very paint she wants for her new grown up (but not too grown up) room. Copious amounts of drawings have been done from every possible angle, decisions of national importance have taken less time but finally we have a design that she loves and wants. It's plain and simple and timeless and something that I actually can see working in her room, so I think she may have won the battle, now we just have to see if she can win the paint!

Her idea is simple, paint the walls a colour which won't date, she has her eye on Ashes of Roses in the Little Greene range; this was as close as her colouring pencils would get to it but it is a really beautiful colour.  Then with posters and artwork accessorise the walls.  The posters will be in pre-designed places (apparently) so as to not damage the lovely paintwork and will feature whoever is the love of the moment.  Currently it's Justin Bieber but that can (hopefully) change. 

She'd like a big TV on the wall to save on space and storage under her bed - for toys, so perhaps my little girl is still in there somewhere!

I'd like to add that if I needed any final proof that she is growing up we had the following:
a) Mum I don't want you to help me
b) No I don't want glitter, a glue stick or scrunched up tissue paper any more
c) Why oh why don't you have a cad programme on the computer so I can get the dimensions right?!
d) No you cannot see it til it's finished
e) When can we go and buy the paint, isn't it pay day this weekend?
f) I can do the washing up if it helps as I really want this bedroom design done, please....(whilst batting eyelashes at dad)

She also wanted an inspirational message on the wall like thisimages of justin bieber never say wall quote art sticker kids bedroom wallpaper
painted on using the Purpleheart paint available in the range.  She  obviously thinks her mum is a miracle worker/artiste extraordinaire.  I can see me taking a long time over that bit.

I have to say that it's not a fantasy room or a novelty room, it's the room she really wants, that she has thought about carefully and given a great amount of thought and time to.  As she's a severe asthmatic, I have to give really careful thought to anything we do in her bedroom and I guess she's got it right this time... perhaps my little girl is growing up faster than I thought. 

“This is my entry into Little Greene’s child safe paint competition. Find out more at:”

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