Thursday, 6 June 2013

Laura Ashley Spring Room Refresh


My daughter has a rather empty room waiting for her...

At the moment she thinks the only thing it is good for is for performing cartwheels as ably demonstrated.  It has great storage, but not a lot else. It is cold and unwelcoming and desperately needs some furniture. She's turning into a teenager who doesn't want to spend her time in her room doing cartwheels, but would rather relax in a more grown up room.  
So onto her vision... blues and purples and a comfy day bed.  Warmth and light to get out of the drudge of winter and rain with somewhere cosy to sit or lie while she dreams. 

Laura Ashley Spring Room Refresh

I am going to ignore the fact that she also wants to add lots of Justin Bieber posters as decoration to her beautiful room.

This bedroom design was prompted by the lovely Annie Bean, who has a bloggers competition at the moment here to refresh your room with items from Laura Ashley.  Luckily Laura Ashley happens to be M's favourite shop of the moment in honour of it's butterfly curtains.

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