Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summer Festival Look

Summer Festival Look

I love summer, I love music festivals, I do not love rain, so I'm banking on a lovely summer this year for my festival going.  I'm off to Glastonbury in a fortnight and am determined that year I will not need my wellies, poncho and a boat.  I'm insisting on buying suntan lotion, after sun and sandals.  So above I've produced my dream Glastonbury look, without a welly boot or pac a mac in sight.   
I've gone for these denim dungarees, it's a huge look this year and very comfy.  I like the embroidery on the pockets of these.  I'm also a big fan of all the aztec prints that are showing up on outfits this season so plumped for this one from urban outfitters. 
The tights, add just a little touch of fun to the outfit and I adore butterflies.  I know how dreadful the ground can be underfoot but as I'm on an anti -welly crusade, I've gone for trusty converses, rather than sandals.  I'm also a great one for pony tails at festivals.  I have bum length hair which suffers from a lack of decent washing facilities so ponytails are the way to go, but I have invested in several of the hair jewels on Asos this season to bring my hair on trend.
Last but not least is my trusty rucksack for carrying all that sun tan lotion in.  I am so in love with this spider back pack from Surfdome.  I know it comes with a rain hood, (which I won't need), but I'm counting on it being my spider bodyguard and scaring away all the real ones when I'm asleep in the tent at night.  Hopefully, they will take one look at the massive spider in the corner and run away.
I created this board from things I found on Shopstyle, which is truly one stop clothes shopping paradise and am pleased to say that not only did I get a chance to get some last minute goodies for Glastonbury, I also get to enter their great competition which is hosted here by Natasha from Girl in the Lens to build a festival look for under £200. 
My entire outfit comes in at £155, which leaves me £45 emergency cash for an umbrella, wellies and a raincoat should the worst happen....

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  1. hehe I like that you have money for emergency rain-ware! i love the dungarees,and head jewels so lush.
    Good luck!